Full-Coverage Disconnect Tool Set



1. 99-K216B 
Ford/Chrysler Heater Hose Disconnect Tool Set (3 pc.)
Easily removes heater hoses with 3/4” or 5/8” quick disconnect couplings.
2. 99-K216C
Chrysler Fuel Line Disconnect Tool 
The bends and extra length of this tool allow easy access to hard-to-get at fuel lines on “LH” vehicles.  For fuel lines release, installing fuel lines, and separating quick disconnect fittings on fuel filter.  Service fuel lines on Chrysler domestic vehicles with quick disconnect fittings.
3. 99-K216D
Ford/GM Fuel Line Disconnect Tool Set (2 pc.)
Tools provide easy access to hard to reach fuel line quick connectors.
4. 99-K216E
Ford Clutch Coupling Tool      
The tool’s fingers slip into the fuel line coupling depressing the retainer collar as they go.
5. 99-K216G
Ford/GM/Chrysler Fuel Line Disconnect Tool
The scissors-like design allows for easy, damage-free fuel line quick connect coupler release simply.  Place tool around the fuel line and push into the female connector to release the male connector.  It fits any 5/16” or 3/8” fuel line found on GM, Ford, and Chrysler vehicles.
6. 99-K216H
Ford/GM Quick Disconnect Tool 
Removes push lock connectors found at both the radiator and transmission.
7. 99-K216I
Ford Oil Cooler Line Disconnect Tool 
Releases transmission to radiator oil cooler line.
8. 99-K216J
Ford Fuel Line Coupling Tool
Releases quick connect fitting on fuel rail.
9. 99-K216K
Ford Heater Hose Disconnect Tool
Disconnects heater hose from engine.
10. 99-K216L
GM Heater Line Quick Connect Separator
Releases heater hose quick connect fitting from engine block and thermostat housing.
A/C Spring Locking Coupling Tool
Fuel Line Disconnect Tool Set